Vacuum Socket Cleaning

in-ground pump/filter box

- cleaning the pool via the Vacuuming Socket

There are basically only 3 ways to get dirt out of your pool: -

  • With a net
  • With a vacuum cleaner
  • With the filtration system

A pool cannot be totally, 100%, cleaned in one go

The idea is to get out as much dirt and debris as possible with a vacuum cleaner (automatic or manual) and a net and then put the rest of the dirt in suspension in the water to give the filtration system a fighting chance of grabbing it

Vacuum Socket Method

  • Close the ‘Bottom Drain’ and ‘Skimmer’ valves; open the ‘Vacuum’ valve
  • Attach the floating tube to the vacuum head, sink the vacuum head to the bottom of the pool and fill the tube with water by feeding it beneath the surface
  • (Take hold of the tube below the surface where it comes up from the vacuum head
  • Submerge the tube little by little and all the air will come out of the free end of the tube
  • Remove the safety cap from the Vacuum Socket and plug (or screw) the free end of the floating tube into the socket
  • Turn the pump switch to ‘on’
  • Begin the vacuuming - edges first and then in overlapping swathes, returning along the same path to cover the entire bottom and steps
  •  Use the tiles or your feet as a gauge to keep straight lines if you can't see the bottom of the pool
  • Turn the pump ‘off’ and close the ‘Vacuum’ valve
  • Replace the safety cap to the Vacuum Socket
  • Check and re-net as required
  • Brush the wall at the water level
  • Scrub gently with the brush to loosen dirt
  • Brush the sides - with downward strokes of the brush - to dislodge adhering dirt and dust
  • At the bottom of each stroke stop about 15cm (6”) from the start of the slope to set up a swirl, pushing any settled dust away from the sides of the pool
  • Remove bottom debris with the net

Now you need to clean the filter - see below: -

To backwash the sand filter

  • Turn the pump switch to ‘off’
  • Set the Rotary valve to ‘Backwash’
  • Open the ‘Bottom Drain’ and ‘Waste’ valves; close the ‘Skimmer’ and ‘Vacuum’ valves
  • Turn the pump on and observe the waste-water colour in the tell-tale on the Rotary valve
  • When the water runs clear, stop the pump at the switch
  • Set the Rotary valve to ‘Rinse’
  • Start the pump and run for 20-30 seconds

Set everything to ‘Normal Running’ (Filtration)

  • Rotary Valve to ‘Filter’
  • ‘Skimmer’ and ‘Jets’ Valves fully open
  • Bottom Drain Valve half open
  • ‘Vacuum’ and ‘Waste’ Valves closed
  • Timer running and set for 4 hours in every 12 hours
  • Always have the pump/filter running when the pool is in use 

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