Games for Kids

There are countless ways that everyone can have fun in the pool. Here are just a few games for kids but if you know any good ones that are not in the list please send me an email (ask your parents permission first) and tell us about it. We'll try to add it to the list

Duck Race

You need:- 2 or more rubber ducks to play this game and a Referee to keep order

  • Each player in the pool has a rubber duck which he must race to the opposite end (or opposite side) of the pool
  • When the Referee says 'GO', they must push the duck to the other end of the pool using only their nose or by blowing the duck forward
  • During the race players can only speak by 'QUACKing' loudly and using 'duck body-language'
  • Players cannot touch their own duck with their hands or feet
  • Players can’t touch the other players or the other players’ ducks either
  • Players who distract or obstruct the other players are penalized by having to pick their own duck up and drop it behind their head, then swim round behind their duck before carrying on
  • The first one to get his duck to touch the other end of the pool is the winner


Raft Race

You need:- 2 or more inflatable floating supports and a Referee (to keep order and ensure kids remeber the Pool Safety Rules - like not running or hyperventilating)

  • Each player sits astride their' floater', holding on to the coping, at one end of the pool
  • When the Referee says 'GO!' - the players have to 'row' their way to the other end of the pool using just their hands
  • If they fall off the raft they are allowed to get back on
  • First to reach the other end is the winner
  • This is also great as a relay race


Follow my Leader

  • Pick one player to be the Leader and someone to Referee the game
  • All players get in the pool in a line with the Leader in front
  • The Leader then swims however he/she likes and the Followers have to copy them
  • This could be swimming with one arm held up, swimming backwards, underwater, feet first, breast-stroke, crawl, touching the pool bottom, etc.
  • The Followers have to do exactly what the Leader does
  • The Leader can get out of the pool and then get back in again, as they choose
  • The Referee, who stands looking from outside the pool, eliminates any players who fail to 'Follow the Leader
  • Keep going until only one Follower is left
  • The last Follower is the winner and becomes the new Leader


Invisible Bottles

You need:- one or more clear, plastic bottles of pool water (with the labels removed) and a Referee

  • Divide players into two teams on opposite sides of the pool but facing away from the water
  • The Referee throws the bottles in the water at various points around the pool and then counts loudly to five
  • On hearing 'Five' the players jump in and search for the bottles
  • This is trickier than you might think because the bottles are almost invisible in the water
  • The team with the most bottles retrieved is the winner


Crocodile Wrestling

You need:- A big inflatable crocodile and a Referee

  • Players take it in turns to see who can give the best impression of crocodile wrestling in the pool!
  • The Referee awards points for style, crocodile noises, comedy, accents, death rolls, etc. and audience appreciation must also be taken into account
  • This game can be played with any floating toy - just pretend  that it's a crocodile, an anaconda or a shark



Belly-Flop Competition

You need:- a pool and a belly!

A belly-flop makes everyone laugh, especially if it's done deliberately

  • Everyone lines up at the side of the pool and, one by one, does the best belly-flop they can
  • Wear a T-shirt if you want to avoid the 'sting'
  • The audience can judge by their enthusiastic laughter and applause


Add 'em Up!

You need:- 25 or more ping-pong balls (each with a number between 1 and 10 written on it), 2 plastic buckets and a Referee. (The numbers are the point values for each ball)

  • Divide players into two teams, lined up on opposite sides of the pool
  • Throw the ping-pong balls around the pool
  • When the Referee say 'Go' both teams jump in and grab the balls before placing them into their teams bucket
  • Players can only collect one ball at a time
  • When all of the balls have been collected, add up the numbers on the balls to discover each teams' score and the team with the highest score wins
  • There are several ways to make this game more interesting - like putting the buckets a short distance from the pool and having designated pool-entry and pool-exit points, or players only being allowed to carry the ball in their lips, etc.


Treasure Hunter

You need:- several small coins and other 'Treasures' and a Referee to keep order

  • Throw several small prizes into the pool; coins, kids costume 'jewels',  plastic bangles, hair ornaments or small floating toys are perfect for this game
  • The players 'salvage' both the floating and the sunken treasures
  • Players get to keep any prizes they salvage



This game needs constant adult supervision during both the building and the racing stages

Divide the players into 2 teams, each supplied with identical, sturdy cardboard boxes, duct tape, sticks, marker pens, coloured paper and clear plastic sheet (as the outer skin of the boat)

  • Give the teams a set time (45-90 minutes is usually enough) to build the best rowing boat and oars they can
  • The teams should be at opposite sides of the pool to prevent sabotage and 'Industrial Espionage'!
  • When the time is up the 2 boats are ceremoniously named and then launched into the water at opposite ends of the pool
  • One or two players from each team get into their own boat
  • The boats then race each other to the far end of the pool back again, using only their hands or the oars they have made
  • They then get out of the boat and the next team member/s get in to continue the race
  • The first to finish wins (maybe a small 'Trophy' full of treats?)
  • Remove the boats from the pool when the Regatta is over and throw them away

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