Newsletter #1 27 Aug 2012

Hello, and welcome to MyPoolGuru Newsletter #1

We've seen the hottest of the summer weather (with any luck!) and the pool is now just the right temperature. However, in a few short weeks it will start to cool down unless you own, and use, a pool cover

Covering the pool reduces evaporation to next-to-nothing and evaporation is where 90-95% of the heat is lost from the pool. Reduce evaporation and the pool will remain warm much longer

It's not only at night that a cover brings benefits - keep it on all the time that you're not actually in the pool and you'll notice a big difference in water temperature

Routine Maintenance for the coming month is much the same as in August - test the pH and sanitizer level regularly; adjust as required. You might find you use a bit less Chlorine now the Grand-children have gone home and they're no longer peeing in the pool . . . . Bless 'em!

I've been busy over the last couple of weeks, writing and adding new articles: -

Financing Pool Safety Equipment - how to pay for a Safety Barrier when you're broke

DIY Katchakid - about as 'affordable' as 100% Pool Safety gets

CPR Courses - low-cost (or sometimes even free!) Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation Courses near you

Holidays and New Homes with pools - the first few minutes with a new pool can be deadly for Kids

Pool Safety Checklist - 5 minutes well invested when you get to your Holiday Villa-with-pool

Pool Games for Kids - fun for all

Pool Rules for Adults - sensible guidelines for keeping the kids safe at the pool

Chemical Accidents - what to do in an Emergency

Pool Rules for Kids - rules that kids can understand

Worldwide Emergency Numbers - because it's not always always '999'

Safety Liability - your legal obligations and responsibilities as a pool-owner

Swimming Lessons - teach the tiddlers to swim and/or learn yourself 


Thanks to everyone for joining us. We now have over 160 different subjects covered on the MyPoolGuru site - with many more to come!

If there's some subject that you would like to know more about right now please let me know and I'll do my best to write about it

Having said that; we're moving house again this week (for the 5th time this year!) so I might not get around to it for a few days


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