Newsletter #3 10 Oct 2012

Hello and welcome to MyPoolGuru Newsletter #3, dated 10 October, 2012


We have introduced a new feature on MyPoolGuru; a comments box at the bottom of each article. Please feel free to add any comments you like


In the past month we have uploaded a further 10 articles to our rapidly growing library. Please follow the links below to learn more about each subject: - 

Hydrogen Peroxide - as a safe, inexpensive and effective alternative pool sanitizer. Get rid of Chlorine for ever!

Plaster - white or tinted - the most common pool-finish

Fibreglass pools - Care and Maintenance of this popular type of pool 

Pool Liners - Care and Maintenance

Pool Surfaces - what's good, what's best, what's not

Phosphates and Algae - You can't have one without the other

Solar Showers - free hot water

Babysitters - and pools; what babysitters must know when they're looking after children near a pool

Thank-you Page - saying thanks to those who have published our articles on their websites

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