1 part Bromine

- tablets are actually a compound of Bromine and Chlorine. The Chlorine component is used to oxidize the bromine to produce HOBr and hypobromite1-part Bromine Container ions

  • Bromine tablets for sanitizing pools provide an available Bromine level of 63% and an available Chlorine level of about 30%
  • One-part Bromine is most commonly available as tablets, granules or powder
  • It has a long shelf life, is very slow dissolving, and works extremely well in floating and erosion feeders
  • Bromine tablets are acidic and can harm equipment or pool plaster if improperly used
  • To prevent the pool becoming acidic it is necessary to add about 200gms of Sodium Hydroxide for each Kg of Bromine tablets used
  • 70kg of Bromine tablets are needed to sanitize a pool of 5 x 10 meters for 1 year
  • A 5x10m Bromine-sanitized pool requires about 30 kg of Calcium Hypochlorite or peroxymonosulphate to oxidize away the bromamines formed from the swimmer waste

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