Pool Logbook


- there is no such thing as a ‘Standard Pool’ so you must discover the amounts of pool chemicals, and their effects, for your own pool; and that means learning by experience and writing it down somewhere so you won't forget what you did

Record everything you do to the pool in the Pool Maintenance Logbook - each time you test the water, add chemicals, backwash the filter, Superchlorinate the pool, etc, etc.

Quite quickly you will build a mental picture of what you have to do to your pool in any given set of circumstances and in that way will reduce chemical bills and cut down on routine maintenance tasks

There are no hard-and-fast rules for chemical maintenance quantities

Some pools are close to a busy road and get a lot of road-dust, some have a dog that swims every day, some have overhanging trees, and some have a baby grandchild that has an involuntarily ‘accident’ as soon as his or her feet touch the water

We know of one pool situated between a pig farm and a cement works - they have lots of problems (most of which, happily, are not experienced by the average pool-owner)

In an exercise book or notepad, draw some columns as below - now you have page 1 of a Pool Logbook. This is the ‘My Pool Equipment’ page


Pool Width 

Pool Length 

Pool depth   

 Pool Volume (in m3, US or Imperial Gallons

















pH Regulator












Winter Cover








In column 1 write all the equipment associated with the pool, such as  pump, filter, lights, etc., as appropriate to your pool

Next, draw some columns for subsequent pages as in the diagram below to keep your records: -



pH Reading


Action taken





































This is the ‘Pool Maintenance Log’ page

You should also make a note of the date when you service the pump, install new equipment, the date you winterised, etc., etc. - because if you're anything like me you won't remember the exact date a couple of years down the road from when you, for example, changed the light bulb or bought a new lid for the pump 

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