Small is Beautiful

Keith Jones Pool, Alhaurin el Grande

-a small pool is the best pool for a modern plot-size - and far more economic than an Olympic-sized Lido in the backyard

A swimming pool can be a great place to relax, exercise, play, sunbathe or just cool-off - or it can be an expensive hole in the ground into which you shovel your life savings

 If you intend to build a pool you need to think long and hard about why you want a pool in the first place and what you expect to get out of it

Many pool problems stem from the fact that the pool is too big for the amount of use it gets.  A pool salesman will sell you the largest pool he can - usually far too big - simply to boost his sales commission

A pool that’s properly designed and equipped can save you truckloads of money on construction, more money on pool chemicals and water - and save countless hours of cleaning drudgery 


A well-designed pool; broad steps, table & seating

Depth is just right at 0.9 to 1.5 metres (3’0” to 4’10”)  

The chances are that you will only ever build one pool in your life, so it’s worthwhile putting some thought into it so that you end up with something that has not cost you an arm and a leg and yet still gives you all the features you would like in your pool

Why settle for a problematic, expensive, unheated rectangular box with built-in maintenance costs?  Hands up all those who have been in a pool where non-swimmers can only huddle together on the steps because the pool is too deep! It's probably too deep because the original designer could visualize himself as Tom Daley, silhouetted in a swan-dive against that golden sunset. We all have dreams; but let's keep them reasonably realistic!

Low usage of the deeper water results in circulation ‘dead-spots’ where algae flourish, which can lead on to very expensive problems

Once algae and lime-scale get a grip they can be impossible to eradicate without draining the pool

(Oh! You can put your hands down now, thanks.)

A pool should have underwater pool-lighting and an area within the pool where the kids can play safely - e.g. wide, round-edged steps, ideally with a barrier to the deeper water

In reality most adults just sit on the steps with a drink (remember - use unbreakable polycarbonate glasses only) and rarely thrash up and down like Mark Spitz or Michael Phelps. An in-pool seating area will get a lot of use from everyone who visits your pool

If you want to swim long distances fit a resistance-swimming pump; it’s much cheaper, and far more environmentally friendly, than keeping 40,000 litres of ‘extra’ water ready 24/7 if you swim for only 30 minutes per day. On the other hand, make sure your pool will be big enough for all that will use it!

A 5 x 3 metre pool can be built a fraction of the price of a 10 x 5 metre pool and costs far less to fill, heat, protect, clean and sanitize

A part of the savings could be used to finance a heater and pool-cover, giving you all-year use of the pool

The balance could pay for automatic chemical dosing and pH Control, a Salt-Chlorinator or Ozone Generator, a Safety Net or a resistance-swimming pump, some of the new LED colour-changing lights, perhaps a waterfall to cool the pool in high summer, some shading, an Auto-Cleaner or fancy mosaic tiles

Whatever design you choose you will need to know how to care for your new pool and all the elements that make it work and keep it working.  

Ensure that you get clear instructions on how the pool works from your pool-builder or take some tuition like the PoolSchool© CoursePoolSchool© Course

If you are fortunate enough to live in southern Spain we can teach you about all this, hands-on.

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