Green Algae

There are at least 20,000 different strains of green algae and their spores are everywhere; in the air, in rainwater, on the grass around the pool, on the bathing suits of swimmers who have swum in a lake or river, just about anywhere you can think of.  Algae spores are entering your pool all the time

If the Chlorine level is correct at around 1-3 ppm they will be killed as soon as they enter the water and the Filter will remove them but, if sanitizer levels drop below 1 ppm, they will multiply so fast you'll wonder what happened! 

A pool can turn from a crystal clear dream to a murky green nightmare overnight if the Chlorine levels are too low, particularly so if the water is warm

If you spot algae in your pool, whether clinging to the walls or floating in the water (it will turn the water cloudy and green) - act swiftly to prevent an expensive disaster from occurring


  • This will kill the algae and turn it from green to brown
  • Scrub the walls and floor of the pool, and then use a flocculant to settle the dead algae on the pool bottom
  • The next day, vacuum the dead algae to ‘Waste
  • Turn the Rotary Valve to 'Circulate' and run the pump for 2 hours to concentrate the remaining dead algae in one or two spots on the bottom
  • Vacuum the dead algae to ‘Waste’ again
  • Backwash the filter
  • Check and adjust pH
  • If there are still signs of Algae, Superchlorinate again
  • Ensure Chlorine levels are maintained to prevent a re-occurrence

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