Handling, Storage and Use of Chemicals

- handling chemicals safelypool chemicals

  • Read all labels and instructions carefully
  • Always wash your hands after handling chemicals, before you absent-mindedly rub your eyes
  • Avoid inhaling the dust or fumes of pool chemicals
  • Add chemicals directly into the pool water; do not add water to chemicals except when pre-dissolving powdered products - e.g. dry acid (sodium bisulphate) or granulated Chlorine
  • Use plastic containers only - Never use ferrous containers or utensils
  • Do not add chemicals to the pool when it is in use - remove the bathers first
  • Do not allow pool chemicals to mix together except in the pool water
  • Flush any spillage of chemicals with large quantities of water
  • Sweep spilled chemicals up separately to avoid the possibility of a chemical fire

Storage of ChemicalsAcid container in rubber bucket

  • Keep all pool chemicals well out of the reach of kids and pets
  • Rinse out empty containers in the pool water and dispose of them safely
  • Do not re-use old containers for any other purpose
  • Ensure all chemical containers are clearly marked with their contents
  • Separate different chemical products and keep them apart
  • Store pool chemicals in a clean, dry, dark, well-ventilated place
  • Do not stack different chemicals on top of each other
  • Keep liquids away from solid chemicals and keep all lids on tightly
  • Clean up spillages separately to avoid the risk of a chemical fire
  • Large containers of liquid chemicals are often re-used by the suppliers and eventually they may leak due to wear-and-tear, therefore: -
  • Store liquid chemical containers in rubber buckets, to contain any leakage
  • All chemicals used to clean and maintain your pool are hazardous to one degree or another, but treated with care, they can be used safely
  • Never mix pool chemicals together except in the pool-water
  • This gas is deadly poisonous and the fatal dose for small humans is just 150 parts-per-million (ppm) for 1 hour
  • A Chlorine gas concentration of 2000 ppm causes immediate respiratory arrest
  • Chlorine gas supports combustion, just like oxygen
  • Chlorine gas is heavier than air and a build-up of Chlorine gas in the chemicals storage area has the potential to support a fire or, in confined spaces, to cause an explosion
  • Chlorine compounds and acid can burn human skin on contact

Application of Chemicals

  • Wear goggles and rubber gloves when dosing your pool
  • Measure liquids into a plastic container before pouring them into the pool-water
  • Dissolve powdered or granulated products in water in a plastic bucket before dosing the pool
  • Wash the plastic bucket out immediately after use by rinsing it in the pool
  • Wash your hands immediately after handling pool chemicals


The following is an extract from UKs 'The Daily Telegraph' from 09/Aug/2004: -

Louise Mills, 36, was recovering from face and eye injuries yesterday after chemicals she was using to clean a swimming pool exploded.   She had been enjoying the early evening sunshine with her kids, aged 9 and 10, and her mother at the family home near Battle, East Sussex, when the accident happened

She had mixed a bucket of chemicals to pour into the pool when it exploded in her face.  She accepts she did not correctly follow the instructions, but says the labelling did not warn of the possibility of an explosion

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