Which Pool Builder?

- employ a specialist; not just an optimistic guy who happens to have a shovel

Pools are complicated structures and once they're built it's too late to rectify many potential problems so make absolutely sure your builder is able to build your pool correctly 

Some Questions to ask your Pool Builder

  • Do you carry out a site survey before construction begins?
  • Do you do this yourself or employ a specialist?
  • How many have you been in the Pool-building business?
  • Do you sub-contract any of the building phases?
  • Are you a member of a Professional Organisation?
  • Have you ever traded under a different name?
  • Have you won any awards for your pools?
  • How long have your construction crew been with you?
  • Do you have any open or pending legal suits against you?
  • How much, and what type of, insurance do you carry?
  • Will your warranties be in writing; and what exclusions do they include?
  • Do you have pools under construction in my area?
  • Do you have any Show-Pools in my area?
  • Can I speak to some of your previous clients?  (and if not, why not?)
  • Will your staff clean up the site after construction?
  • What hours do your staff work and do they work at weekends?
  • Do you remove tyre tracks from the access point and my lawn?
  • Who is responsible for any damage to my neighbours’ property?
  • Who will repair any pipes or cables broken during construction?
  • Will my sewage or septic tank lines be affected?
  • How long will the project take from start to finish?
  • What incidental costs will I incur?
  • Will my driveway or patio be broken by heavy equipment?
  • Is my electricity supply, water quality and drainage adequate?
  • What happens if the excavator hits rock or hard conditions?
  • Will a Project Manager oversee the project from start to finish?
  • With what other legal requirements are we obliged to comply?
  • Are my start-up chemicals and pool-tools included in the price?
  • How will the pool affect my utility bills?
  • How much will it all cost and what is the payment schedule?
  • Will I be instructed in the care and maintenance of my pool? (If not, why not?)

When you have the answers to these questions you will be in a better position to judge if this builder is the right one for you


Remember: - there's always someone who can do it cheaper!

  • Building a swimming pool, of whatever type, in-ground or above-ground, is a job that calls for a great deal of expertise
  • A Professional will do the job right first time and with pools that's exactly what you need to happen
  • If you think that employing a Professional is expensive - just see what it costs you to employ an amateur! 


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