Ladders and Steps

- are vital for getting in and out of the water safely and yet are also one of the most dangerous areas of the pool

Asymmetric Ladders Steps

Over 80% of falls occur on or near the ladders and steps as swimmers are getting into or out of the water

Ladders must be firmly secure; cement and tiled steps must be non-slip and free from obstructions

Asymmetric ladder steps (one handrail higher than the other) are much safer than symmetric steps as they prevent kids from swinging on them

One far-too-common pool accident is when a child (or adult) swings on the top of the handrails of symmetric steps and loses their grip because they have wet hands.

If they are on the 'back-swing:- they probably just fall off and bruise their knees and pride but, if they are on the 'forward' swing, they fall into the pool and the back of the head impacts on the pool coping with potentially fatal results

Another excellent safety innovation is the double-width top step (just about visible in the picture above) which prevents bathers’ legs from being trapped between the steps and the wall of the pool

Ladders can easily, and inexpensively, be retro-fitted to any pool

Tiled Pool Steps

Wide Pool Steps

It is very important that tiled step 'treads' are laid with non-slip tiles

Over 80% of all 'pool-fall accidents and fatalities' happen at the steps, when swimmers are entering or leaving the pool.

Steps get a lot of use from anyone who uses a pool - and not just for getting in and out of the water. 

Steps are the best place for the swim-supervisor to sit and relax; where they can be as close as possible to the kids they're watching out for

Steps also provide different depths of water so that kids of all ages can play safely, thus building their pool-confidence and water skills

Steps must have rounded 'noses'; falling onto rounded steps is a far less painful experience (if and when a person DOES slip)

Additionally, the edge of each step should be marked with a contrasting line of tiles, or a non-slip stripe in a painted pool. This allows a bather to see where the steps are and further reduces the possibility of a painful accident

Steps can be retro-fitted to most pools, either by draining the pool and physically building steps or by installing any of the several add-on modular models now available



Blue_handrail_masked.jpg - 199.42 kB

A handrail helps swimmers to get into, and especially out of, the pool by giving them a firm handhold to grip

Handrail_2.jpg - 226.84 kB        IMG_20220103_155808.jpg - 219.59 kB    Standard_rail.jpg - 48.52 kB

These are particularly helpful accessories for elderly swimmers; and we're pretty much all hoping to be elderly swimmers one day - so we might as well install a handrail sooner rather than later, get the benefit of having this useful item and reduce the chances of falling when entering or exiting the pool

One point to remember about ladder steps and handrails is that they can get really hot in the sun - far too hot to get a firm grip.  Have a small, wet towel nearby, ready to cool the handrail if necessary. Just drape the towel over the hot metal for a few moments and the problem is solved, if only temporarily. A soaked oven glove, tied to the handrail, can also be used to protect hands from the heat

Some models of handrails are available with a rubber sleeve that provides some insulation

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