Ozone systems

Ozone, a form of oxygen -chemical formula O³- is one of the strongest oxidizers and disinfectants available to the pool-owner

Clearwater Tech CD-15/AD Ozone Generator

Ozone kills E. coli (the common benchmark to determine the effectiveness of sanitizers) 25 times faster than Hypochlorous Acid and 500 to 600 times faster than Cyanuric Acid

An Ozone Generator reduces the Chlorine or Bromine requirement by up to 95%

Low levels of Chlorine or Bromine are still required, to kill the bacteria, as Ozone can only oxidize organic wastes when combined with Chlorine or Bromine

Ozone is produced in one of 2 ways: - 

In a Corona Discharge Chamber

- air is passed through an electrically charged chamber, where O³ is produced from atmospheric oxygen by a series of electrical sparks

The sparks in the chamber split molecules of oxygen (O²) into 2 atoms of oxygen (O¹)

The atoms of oxygen immediately combine with an O² molecule to form Ozone (O³)

In a UV Chamber

- Ultraviolet lamps perform much the same job


  • Ozone lasts between 20 seconds and a couple of minutes in most pools; therefore the system is only sanitizing when the pump is running
  • For this reason the pump should be run for longer, to ensure that the water is sufficiently sanitized
  • Ozone oxidizes some minerals dissolved in the pool water, e.g. iron, which then form a cloudy precipitate which the filter will easily remove
  • O³ reverts back to oxygen once it has done its job of sanitation, greatly improving water quality

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