Buying and Transporting Chemicals


- in the off-season when most pool-shops are short of business you will be able to negotiate a discount on 25 Kg containers of Trichloro and many other chemical products, at a considerable saving. Bulk-purchasing chemicals in the low season will save money

Most pool chemicals have a fairly long shelf-life; products bought in Autumn will be just as efficient the following Spring

One exception to this is Sodium Hypochlorite which degrades when exposed to light and it is probably best to buy it at the time you need it

Trichloro provides 900g of available Chlorine per Kg of tablets, powder or granules, and 10 pounds will provide 9 pounds of available Chlorine.  This figure is true only when the pH is correct at 7.4 - if the pH varies from 7.4 the effective yield of available Chlorine will be less

25kg of trichlor will supply the 22.50 Kg of available Chlorine needed to sanitize a pool of 8x4 m / 24x12 ft for a whole year

A pool of 10x5 m or 30x15 ft will use around 35 Kg during the same period

Pool Chemicals

Pool Chemicals are dangerous and may present considerable hazards if not used correctly

Carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions for the use and storage of chemicals


The following is an extract from The Daily Telegraph (London) from 09/Aug/2004: -

Louise Mills, 36, was recovering from face and eye injuries yesterday after chemicals she was using to clean a swimming pool exploded.   She had been enjoying the early evening sunshine with her kids, aged 9 and 10, and her mother at the family home near Battle, East Sussex, when the accident happened

She had mixed a bucket of chemicals to pour into the pool when it exploded in her face.  She accepts she did not correctly follow the instructions, but says the labelling did not warn of the possibility of an explosion

Transportation of Chemicals

  • To avoid chemical burns to your vehicle interior, place containers of liquids (Chlorine, Acid, Flocculant and Algaecide) in rubber buckets when transporting them, and wrap tubs of Chlorine, etc., in plastic bags
  • Transport different chemicals in different areas of the vehicle if possible
  • Ensure that the chemicals are securely fastened and cannot tip over as you hurtle round a sharp bend on a bumpy road
  • Ensure that chemicals cannot mix together, even if you have a car accident
  • Alternatively, you can avoid risks completely by having Pool Chemicals delivered to your pool by your supplier

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