Filling the pool

- fill her up! Check the pool volume pool; make a note of it on the ‘My Pool Information’ page in your Pool Logbookfilling the pool by hosepipe


  • Place a plastic bucket, containing 1 roughly-broken-up Tricloro tablet per 25m³ (6,500 US Gals) of pool-volume (i.e. how much water the pool will hold when it is full), in the shallow end of the pool
  • Put a hosepipe into the bucket and run the water over the Chlorine tablets as the pool fills
  • Fill the pool until the water completely covers the bottom of the pool
  • Check the pH of the water
  • If the reading is higher than 7.4 add Hydrochloric Acid at the rate of 1/2 litre per 50 m³ (1 pint per 13.000 US Gals) of the final pool volume
  • Take the remaining Chlorine tablets out of the bucket, crush them to powder and dissolve them in water
  • Pour the dissolved Chlorine all around the pool ensuring that it really is dissolved - do not allow granules of Trichloro to contact a vinyl liner a surface of a fiberglass pool because they will bleach the surface at the point of contact
  • Take the hose out of the bucket and allow it to 'snake' around the pool as it fills
  • This will help to stir the water and spread and mix the Chlorine and acid
  • Continue to balance the water as the pool fills, check for pH and Chlorine when the pool is half full and adjust as required
  • Add 1 litre of liquid Chlorine (Sodium Hypochlorite) for each 25m³  (6,500 US Gals) of pool volume.  It is preferable to add this chemical at dusk
  • At this stage it’s a good idea to get the water circulating to accelerate the mixing of liquid Chlorine and acid with the pool water
  • Remove the lid of the pump pre-filter and fill the pump body with water - replace the lid
  • Open the Bottom Drain and Jets Valves, close the Skimmer, Vacuum and Waste Valves; switch the pump on
  • Check that water is coming out of the Jets (i.e. that it is circulating).  If the pump is below the level of the pool surface there is generally no difficulty in priming the Bottom Drain pipe and getting the circulation as above but, if the pump is above the water level there may be an airlock in the suction-side pipe-work of the circulation system
  • Now that your pool is half-full and the water is circulating, check the pH often as the pool fills and add acid little and often for best results
  • When the pool is full, add Trichloro until the free Chlorine level reaches 1-3 ppm.  This is best done by the application of granulated Trichloro (or crushed Trichloro tablets) via the Skimmer or Chlorine feeder.  One Trichloro tablet, when fully dissolved in 50m³ (13,000 US Gals) of water at pH 7.4, will raise the free chlorine level by 1.5 ppm
  • The water with which you are filling your pool may have some organic matter in it, which will be oxidized by the Tricloro and use some of it up
  • This means that you would get lower than the expected levels, so therefore use 2 tablets per 50 m3  (13,000 US Gals) of volume, to be sure
  •  Excess Chlorine will dissipate a long, long time before your pool’s warm enough to get into

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