Control Boxes

Astral Pump Protection/Control Box

-regulate the timing of the pump and other pool equipment

The commonest form of Control Panel is also known as a Pump Protection Box

It is an essential part of the pool equipment and usually contains: - 

  • Pump On/Off switch
  • Pump Timer
  • Residual Current Device (RCD) - Safety cut-out in case of a short circuit anywhere in the electrical system. The RCD will cut current to the pool instantly and help prevent electrocution accidents
  • Lights On/Off switch
  • Lights timer

Many times we have been called to a pool that has no Control Panel, just an outlet with the pump plugged directly into it, possibly with a rudimentary timer device but usually not

This is a very dangerous situation because if the pump were to become live for any reason - e.g. a sudden leak in the pipe-work that sprays water onto the power outlet - the pool water is in danger of becoming live also and anyone in contact with the pool-water is at risk of death by electrocution


A Control Panel allows the pool-owner to set the hours that the pump runs and the timing of the pool lights

Most other sanitizing equipments are only switched on when the pump is running so a Control Box can be used to switch these items on and off at the same time as the pump/filter

Other, more sophisticated, Control Panels can operate heaters, auto-covers, automatic back-washing, etc.

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