Safety Checklist

- most drowning deaths are predictable and therefore preventable to some degree - you can do a lot to reduce the chances of a pool tragedy affecting your family

  • If the pool is at a holiday home - inform the tour agent or property owner, preferably in writing, and have them attend to any faults as a matter of urgency; like NOW!
  • If it's your own property - make repairs immediately; tomorrow may be too late

Pool Fence

A Pool Fence must be secure, in good working order, at least 4ft (1.2m) high - higher is better - and no more than 100mm (4") from the ground

  • Check that all the fence panels are in place with no holes that a kid could climb through
  • Check also for corroded, loose or missing screws; replace as required

Pool Fence Gate

  • Must open outward from pool and be self-closing and self-latching
  • The latch must be at least 1.2m from the ground - higher is better - Check that it locks on the first swing
  • Check that the gate swings back to the closed position and locks after being opened - if not replace the spring hinges
  • If the gate latch sometimes fails to catch when the gate returns to the closed position, or is so insecure so that it can be pulled open - replace the latch
  • Never prop gate open, under any circumstances

Area around the outside of the fence

We were all kids once and so we know that young kids are fearless and can climb really well

  • Check that any toys, furniture, planters, ladders, barbecues and anything else that a kid could use to climb up or get over the fence are removed, stored securely and out of view
  • Check that any trees or shrubs that could be climbed to help a kid get over a fence are cut back

Pool Nets

Ensure that any Safety Net is fitted and tensioned at all times unless you are actually using the pool - it takes a few minutes to fit a Safety Net but it only takes a second for a kid to fall into an unprotected pool

  • Check that there are no holes in the net
  • Check that none of the tension ropes are frayed
  • Check the all anchors are secure

Adult Supervision

Used in combination with a pool Safety Barrier competent, vigilant supervision is the single most effective weapon in your drowning-prevention armoury

  • Always supervise your child around water and stay within arms reach of the youngest kids
  • Don't rely on older children to supervise the younger ones;  - they can help take care of the tiddlers by being protective toward them, but an adult must always be present to supervise the kids

Pool fittings

  • Check that all swimmers know where and how to switch off the pool/spa pump system in case of an emergency

Chemicals and pump-room

  • Check that chemicals are securely stored away, out of the sight and reach of kids
  • Check that the door to the pump/filter equipment is locked or otherwise secure


  • Check that an Residual Current Device (RCD) or Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB) is installed to the pump/filter/sanitation control equipment 

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