Floating Pool Covers

Keeping the heat in the poolDaisy Poolcover and Roller

Floating Solar Covers are, in effect, heavy-duty, UV-stabilised, plastic bubble-wrap

Like all plastics they are affected by UV and Chlorine and eventually they will break down.  There are several types and qualities but our advice is to install the best quality that you can afford - it works out far cheaper in the long run

Solar pool covers work with or without a pool-heater and will warm a pool earlier in the season, by prevention of evaporation, and keep it warm long after the non-covered pools of envious friends and neighbours have been put to bed for the winter

One type that we have personally installed hundreds of - Geobubble from Germany - have a warranty of 5 years but most other Solar covers will last around 3 years before they need to be replaced

Ensure that the installers demonstrate how to operate it correctly to get the maximum life-span from your cover and roller

Using the Cover

Positioning of the roller during removal or replacement of the floating pool-cover is critically important. The roller must be located over the end of the pool, directly above the water so that there is no chance that the underside of the bubble-wrap comes into contact with the pool coping (pool surround) when you are winding the cover in or out,

If the cover drags over the edge of the coping it will become scratched. The cells of the bubble cover eventually get punctured and then the cover is liable to suffer a complete breakdown  - because chlorine is able to attack the thin plastic underside of the cover from both sides.  Breakdown of the cover is inevitable and incurable

Floating pool-covers should be removed during Superchlorination and not replaced until the Chlorine level has returned to normal; 1-3ppm. I you are using Non-chlorine Shock to Superchlorinate this is not the case and the cover can be put back on the pool immediately

Please note that a Floating Solar Cover is NOT a SAFETY COVER

Floating Pool Cover and AstralPool Roller

Floating 'Solar' Pool Cover and AstralPool Roller

The Roller is required to remove, store and re-apply the cover.  The width of a floating pool-cover is usually limited to 6.5 m / 20 ft. as this is the maximum width spanned by a domestic-pool telescopic roller.  Longer rollers are available but they are commercial-pool equipment and are very expensive

Rollers are made from Stainless Steel, Rubber, Aluminium and Brass and will last for many years

One or both ends of the roller are usually fitted with wheels to enable the roller and cover to be moved away whilst the cover is off the pool

Care of Floating Covers

Remove the cover, at least once a year, and clean it thoroughly to remove dirt, dust and any limescale that has built up.

  • Lay the cover out somewhere flat (not on a lawn as the chemicals will damage the grass) and clean it with a solution of Hydrochloric Acid mixed with water at a ratio of 1:9 (10% solution) in a process similar to acid-washing but with a much weaker solution of acid and water
  • Remember to add acid to the water, never the other way round
  • Apply the mixture with a soft broom and allow it to dissolve dirt, lime-scale and dust
  • Rinse thoroughly with fresh water
  • Turn the cover over and repeat the procedure
  • Rinse thoroughly with fresh water and also rinse the broom of any residual acid:water mix


Next we need to deal with any pathogens that might still be hiding on the cover

  • Wash the cover with a diluted solution of Sodium Hypochlorite (Liquid Chlorine) at a ratio on 1:9 (10%)
  • Apply with a soft broom and allow the solution to remain in contact with the cover for no more than a few seconds before rinsing well. This is best achieved with two pairs of hands and a garden hose
  • Dry the cover thoroughly if it is to be stored for the winter, otherwise it can go back on the pool immediately

The treatment above, plus proper usage will increase the life of the cover considerably


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