- when you visit a public pool the chances are that you'll see a Life Guard on duty, vigilantly protecting the lives of the swimmers - stopping the more Cartoon Lifeguard
boisterous of them from accidentally injuring themselves or others by running,  'bombing', inappropriate behaviour or other unacceptable practices

Lifeguards have a lot of people to look after and they do a great job; saving thousands of lives every year. They do a difficult job - so cut them a little slack!

  • The Life Guard is there for the excellent reason that people can injure themselves or even drown in pools - and that happens all too often
  • Public pools must provide a Life Guard by law in most countries
  • Don't rely solely on the lifeguard because he or she has a lot of people to watch
  • When it comes to private pools the need for someone to watch over the swimmers is equally important, particularly to watch over the kids
  • A pool is an exciting place to be when you're a kid and in a situation like that kids are always stretching themselves, discovering and expanding their limits, and possibly pushing themselves further than they are ready for
  • This means that they can inadvertently hurt, injure or even drown themselves or smaller children, just through their excited, innocent play
  • Additionally, adults often enter a pool after a few drinks or after having taken recreational drugs, thus putting themselves in danger of drowning
  • No matter how many or how few people are in the pool SOMEONE must be in charge of Pool Safety and that 'someone' should be a sober swimmer; and preferably a 'someone' who has knowledge of lifesaving and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) techniques

  • Any Grand-parent in the world would not hesitate to volunteer for the position of stand-in Lifeguard - but would they be up to the task of leaping 
     into the pool to save a child in distress?
  • You can learn to be a Lifeguard or learn CPR locally, wherever you are in the world, inexpensively or sometimes even for free from Govt. sponsored organizations or local groups like hospitals, fire departments, British Red CrossBritish Red Cross, St Johns Ambulance, schools, etc.



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