Pool Covers

Why use a Pool Cover?Daisy Cover and Roller

- Because a pool-cover.......

  • Reduces heat lost by evaporation by 90-95%, allowing you to swim earlier in the Spring and later into the Autumn whilst saving thousands of litres of water
  • Reduces the amount of dirt, dust and debris that enters your pool, saving you time on cleaning and maintenance
  • Minimises the amount of chemicals required to sanitize the pool, thereby providing further savings
  • Greatly extends the period between emptying the pool and re-filling with fresh water - see Total Alkalinity and TDS

Up to 95% of heat loss from a swimming pool is due to evaporation of the pool-water.  The remaining heat losses can be accounted for by conduction through the sides and bottom of the pool and heat lost when a backwash is carried out

Cut the evaporation to next-to-nothing and cut heat-losses to next-to-nothing - it's that simple!

When you have paid good money to heat a pool it makes good economic sense fit a pool cover to conserve the heat

If a pool is unheated it still makes good sense to fit a pool cover because the water will warm earlier in the year and remain warm longer into the autumn. A pool cover will give the pool-owner a longer swimming season and save vast amounts of water

In an unheated pool, it works like this: -

  • Every minute that the sun is shining on your pool, and all the time that the air temperature is warmer than the pool-water, the pool gains heat.  However, heat is lost whenever air blows across the surface of the pool because when that happens some of the pool water gets evaporated - and that costs heat
  • Heat is measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs). One BTU is the amount of heat needed to increase the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. However, the evaporation of one pound of water takes 1048 BTUs
  • In the course of one sunny, breezy day a pool can easily lose an inch (25mm) of water and that's a lot of lost heat - all of which comes directly from your pool water and therefore the pool gets cooler
  • Bear in mind also that during the night there is no sun shining on the pool: - so no heat is gained, but there is usually a breeze: - so heat is lost to evaporation
  • It's not just the water that has to warm up - it's also the structure of the pool
  • At any given time the pool-water and the pool structure are trying to be at the same temperature. As the water warms in the sun the pool structure 'steals' heat by conduction. If the water is cooler than the structure the structure will give up heat - and warm the water a little
  • In a heated pool it works exactly the same way with the difference being that you have actually shelled out hard cash to put the heat in the pool - without a cover that's money gone to waste
  • By placing a barrier between the pool surface and the atmosphere evaporation can be reduced or even eliminated

Heat-retaining covers come in many varieties: -

  • Electric, automatic, slatted roller covers - 95-98% efficient, the most expensive option but the longest lasting. This type of cover can be installed in the deep end of a pool or can have its own dedicated 'tank' that is outside of the main pool
  • Floating Solar Covers - 90-95% efficient, plus a roller/reel to store it on when it is removed from the water surface
  • Liquid Pool Covers - 50-75% efficient, a little dearer than a Floating Solar Cover but effortless in use because it remains on the pool while swimmers are enjoying themselves - and it does not need to be replaced when the pool is not in use. Therefore, over time, a liquid cover is about as efficient as a traditional Floating Cover
  • Automatic 'Top Track' covers - 90-95% efficient, with a fixed, electric roller, at the end of the pool to contain the cover and it's winding/unwinding mechanism. This roller can be either above-ground or in-ground. This is an excellent, automatic Safety Cover 

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