Above Ground Pools

-are really affordable and just as much fun as an in-ground poolabove ground pool

They also have many advantages over in-ground pools; not the least of which is that they are a great deal safer. A child could easily fall into an in-ground pool but to fall into most above ground pools they would have to take a running jump!

Another huge advantage is that you can be swimming very soon after making the decision that you are going to install a pool.

There are many models on the market, ranging from a simple inflatable pool to a steel or solid-timber-framed, vinyl-liner showpiece with lights, heating, fencing, decking, sound-system and sun terrace

Prices start at under $100 for a small pool with pump and filter - 'small' meaning just about right for splashing around with a couple of kids

Above-ground pools are considerably cheaper than an in-ground pool of the same surface area; maybe as much as 90% cheaper! That's a big difference

Above ground pools don't need to be small, or take a long time to build. Here's a time-lapse videotime-lapse video of Spanish company AstralPool building an Olympic sized pool for 'Melbourne 2007' in one minute flat! 

And here's another one that took slightly longer - 3 minutes3 minutes 

Advantages of Above Ground Pools

  • A lot simpler and quicker to install - many can be installed in just one day
  • Can be self-installed (or your pool shop should be able to inform you of a local contractor)
  • No need to excavate; just prepare a level base and away you go, carefully following the manufacturers instructions of course
  • Above ground pools are safer for kids and pets. The access ladder/steps presents quite a challenge to a young child; removing the ladder presents an even bigger challenge
  • Less maintenance because far less grass clippings, dust and debris gets into the water
  • Therefore, less of those expensive pool chemicals are needed to keep the pool sanitized
  • Local wildlife is less likely to end up in the pool and drown
  • Leaks are easily traced and easily fixed - a simple vinyl patch will fix most leaks
  • Portability - should you decide to move the pool closer or further away from the house, into or out of a shady spot or even to a different property the pool can be drained, shifted and re-filled in just a couple of days. Try doing that with an in-ground pool!

  • An above-ground pool can be disassembled at the end of the season so the backyard can be used for other purposes
  • When it comes time to sell the property and move, the above ground pool can be disassembled and taken with you
  • An in-ground pool adds value to your home, which means your property will probably be assessed at a higher rate, incurring higher property taxes or rates. That's not the case with an above ground pool, because they are classed as temporary, i.e. removable, features
  • Whilst an above-ground pool does not add actual monetary value to the property it could certainly add desirability if you're planning to sell the property
  • Not all property-buyers are attracted to a house with a pool but if your pool is an above-ground model it can be easily and inexpensively removed by the new owners
  • No issues with draining the pool - (in-ground pools cannot be fully drained if the water table is too high)


Disadvantages of Above-ground Pools

  • Most models are too shallow to dive into or to use slides
  • Many are not really suitable for doing laps (However, if you have a large budget - watch this videowatch this video)
  • Many pools of this type have flexible sides which are unsuitable for 'pushing-off' with the feet
  • Kids can run into the exposed sides of many above-ground pools and so they are more prone to damage
  • Some of the budget models last around 10 years at best before the liner needs replacement, although some  top-end models are guaranteed for as long as 30 years
  • There are no 'free-form' pools of this type - shapes are limited to square, rectangular, round, oval or octagonal - i.e no kidney pools with an island bar!

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