Newsletter #2 10 Sept 2012

Hello and welcome to MyPoolGuru  Newsletter #2

Thanks for all the kind comments about our site - it's lovely to get so much positive feedback

I'm all grown up now and can take negative feedback also, so if you spot anything wrong with the site like broken links, missing images, spellin erreurs or the like, please let me know

We've made the house-move back to Alhaurin el Grande (5 house moves in 6 months! - I'm calling the Guinness Book of Records right now . . .) and we are firmly back in harness, writing new articles for the MyPoolGuru site and adding a few whistles and bells to it

The first Big news is that our long-suffering Webmaster (Russell of Mint MicroMint Micro) has successfully incorporated some excellent translation software into the site and MyPoolGuru is now available in some 40 languages. So, if you know anyone who only speaks Haitian Creole, Lithuanian or Hmong Daw - please let them know!

The second Big News - AngloINFOAngloINFO have asked me to become a regular Blogger on their Spain sites. So I'll get onto that rapid - honest!

The third Big News . . . . well, I'll tell you that in the next Newsletter - if all goes well


Routine Maintenance - Keep a firm control of the pool chemistry. Test pH and Free Chlorine regularly and vacuum at least once a week. Write everything you do to the pool in your Pool Logbook

Other than that, there is little to do at this late stage in the season so enjoy the pool while it is still warm enough to get into because in a few weeks it will be too cold. A pool cover will extend the season for around 6 weeks but after that the water will be too chilly for any except the hardiest of swimmers

If you're contemplating fitting a Pool Heater for this coming winter the time to install it is right now, before the pool (and the pool structure) cools down. That way, you won't have to pay to warm it up again

What with the move and everything I have managed only a couple of additions to the site content this week: -

Under 'Types of Pools'  I have added Swim Spas page

and also beefed up the Circulation Systems page


We supply all plant and equipment featured on this website, including what you see on this page.

All our work is Guaranteed, both parts and Labour

Indoor Swim Spa - enjoy swimming all year

For free and unbiased advice, a site visit or no-obligation Quotation*, please make initial enquiries by email. Tell us a little about your pool problem and include a daytime phone number. Thanks.

Note: - Please contact our recommended pool professionals for supply and installation of all pool-related services: - 

Andalusia and the Costa del Sol - Pool Safety SpainPool Safety Spain

Nerja area - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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