Calcium Hypochlorite

 Hypo-Cal container

- Cal-Hypo is also known as bleaching powder and, confusingly, as Hypo-Cal

  • Cal-hypo is a stable substance and can be stored for long periods of time without significant loss in available chlorine level
  • Supplied in granular form or as tablets, it can be used for regular chlorination as well as for Superchlorination
  • It should be pre-dissolved in water and then added as a liquid to the pool when needed, via the skimmer
  • Cal-hypo is classified as an ‘extreme oxidizer’ which is why it bleaches so well
  • All the other types of Chlorine are classified as ‘oxidizers’, with the exception of Chlorine Gas, which is also an extreme oxidizer
  • Do not mix Cal-hypo with anything but water; mixing with organic substances may cause a fire
  • Exercise extreme caution when sweeping-up in chemical-storage areas
  • Mixing the dust and spillage of various products together may cause a fire to start; so clean up product spills separately
  • Cal-hypo, either in granule or powder form, will turn the water slightly cloudy initially because the Calcium takes time to dissolve
  • Cal-hypo granules can bleach and weaken vinyl liners or PVC pool surfaces. Therefore, use a feeder or pre-dissolve it in water before adding it
  • Use of Cal-hypo will increase the Calcium Hardness level by an average of 3 to 10 ppm per month, making it advisable to test the hardness level in the pool more frequently
  • 50kg of Cal-hypo will provide the same amount of Chlorine as 250 litres of liquid Chlorine or 30kg of Chlorine Gas
  • If Cal-hypo is the principal sanitizer Cyanuric Acid should be added separately to prevent the Chlorine in the pool from degradation by sunlight

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