Pool Maintenance

- what must you do?pool maintenance

Keeping a pool clean, healthy and sanitized is not difficult - just as long as you know what you have to do!

Pools are complicated systems and there is very little chance that a new pool-owner will be able to correctly guess what needs to be done; and then do all that is necessary, in the correct order, at the right time

However, if you follow the advice given below you shouldn't go far wrong in day-to-day maintenance


  • Check the chemicals with a test-kit and, if required, adjust the pH and the Chlorine levels
  • Run the pump and filter for 4 hours twice a day - set this up on the pump timer, which is just like the timer on your central heating system
  • Empty the skimmer baskets of leaves, insects and other floating debris
  • Remove leaves etc., from surface and bottom of the pool with a net
  • The sooner debris is removed the less Chlorine you will use
  • Tidy the pool area and remove anything that can be tripped over
  • Make a note of everything you do to your pool in your Pool Logbook


In addition to the 'Daily' tasks above, each week (preferably on a Friday to prepare the pool for extra bather load over the weekend), carry out the following: -

  • Empty the pump strainer basket
  • Brush the pool walls and steps
  • Check and adjust the return jets


Make notes

Make a note of your test-results, what you did to correct any chemical imbalances, all your pool maintenance activitiesand everything else you do to
your pool in your Pool Logbook

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