Solar pool heating

- free heat from the sun

Solar pool heaters are energy efficient and eco-friendly alternatives to other forms of pool heating. Global warming? - bring it on!

  • Sunshine provides the free heat and the only costs (other than initial purchase and installation) are for a small pump to circulate the water through the system
  • Note: - many solar systems utilize the existing pool-pump for circulation
  • Solar heating is well-understood technology and is used in many countries worldwide, not just for pools - for household heating and hot water also
  • Generally speaking, the larger the surface area of the solar panel or heat-collector, the more heat they will collect; a collector area of approx 50-65% of the surface area of the pool is adequate
  • One of our clients in Portugal has a home-designed system of 2 Km (2165 yd) of black, 25mm (1") polypropylene pipe, coiled and spread out over several hundred square meters of dark gravel, coupled to a storage tank, which provides hot water and under-floor heating to 2 houses and  heats the pool with 'leftover' heat (mind you, he's a plumber and probably didn't charge himself the full Plumbers Rate!)
  • The heat-collectors can be of the vacuum tube type, rubber or plastic tube-mats or pipes for roof-top installation - and there are even systems that are installed in a roof-space, under a tiled terrace or the asphalt of a driveway
  • Solar heaters are often backed up with an Electric Heater running on overnight cheap-rate electricity, which can be as little as one-third the price of peak-rate costs

Solar Pool Heater Pros

  • Very environmentally friendly way to extend the pool-season
  • Extremely low operating costs
  • Running cost savings will pay for the heater and installation many times over
  • No deliveries or storage of oil, gas or wood required
  • Sunshine is unlikely to rise in price; all other fuels will definitely get more expensive
  • Can be used in conjunction with other forms of pool heating for all-year-round swimming

Solar Pool Heater Cons

  • Dependant on sunshine for efficient operation
  • Can be expensive to purchase
  • Ditto to install

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