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Children, particularly young children who are unused to being around water, are especially vulnerable when on holiday or when moving into a new home with a pool

How many times do we read of yet another toddler drowned on holiday? How many more times will we read of similar tragedies?

Make sure that your precious children are safe - be prepared and the chances are that you'll have a great holiday with no incidents

In the buzz of looking over the accommodation the kids, who are as excited as they can be, will be racing around looking at everything they can (before their siblings have seen it) and in those first few minutes the parents may not have their minds 100% on their safety

The sheer excitement of it all - 'we've got a pool to play in! - WOW!' - at any time they want for the next couple of weeks - can blind kids to dangers that might be more obvious at other, calmer times

Pool Safety doesn't begin only at the moment you walk through the front gate; before setting off on holiday parents should sit down with the kids and have a serious chat about the possible dangers

Don't terrify the kids - tell them about the fun they'll have and the games they'll play - the barbeques they'll enjoy and the toys they'll play with; then warn about the dangers and extract promises of good behaviour from them

The first few minutes after arrival at a holiday destination (or moving into a new home with a pool) are the most dangerous of all

Parents should know what to do in an emergency and attend a CPR course before travelling. There are several organisations that offer training for next-to-nothing (or even FREEFREE online) and the average Course is only a couple of hours - what a great investment of time!

Many, far too many, kids have drowned within a few short minutes of arrival at their holiday destination and parents should bear this in mind, particularly at private Villas or other properties where there is no-one else around and therefore no-one else who could help a child who has fallen into the water

Here is a checklist of things to look at when you first get to the holiday accommodation or new house with a pool

BE SAFE - you might only get the one chance. Now go and book that CPR Course!


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